Why should you use a .AC.UK domain name for your Academy?

Reasons why a .AC.UK domain is right for your educational institution:

  1. why use a ac.uk domainCredibility
    one of the most recognised and coveted domains in the World is a .ac.uk domain name, and your potential students know this.
  2. Trust
    a .ac.uk domain brings great trust to any academic establishment, and your visitors to your website will trust the content.
    Read about why .ac.uk are trusted domain names.

Register your new .ac.uk domain.

Some of the AC.UK domains we have registered,
host and/or manage include:

The additional costs are small compared to the major benefits of using a .AC.UK domain name:why a ac.uk domain

  • a .ac.uk is many times the price of a .com domain, but DO NOT attempt to compare the two apart from cost.
    Using a .com domain indicates the establishment is an international player, however, it also says:  it is a trading-company.
    Using a .co.uk domain is the same, except it shows it is a UK company.
  • Using a .ac.uk domain indicates the establishment:
    • is creditable and recognised internationally
    • can be trusted as a valid further or higher education institution
Contact us for more details.

Most academic establishments funded by the UK Government should be using a .ac.uk domain name.  Never accept a lesser domain extension for your valuable academic establishment.

.ac.uk domain names

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